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Patient-Centered Medical Homes

What is the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model of Healthcare delivery?

The Emory Department of Family and Preventive Medicine passionately believes in the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care and is working toward incorporating all of the core characteristics of this model in all of our clinical practices. The Emory Family Medicine Clinic at Dunwoody has been a Level-3 Patient-Centered Medical Home since 2013.

Everyone should have a regular primary care provider who knows their healthcare issues, respects their personal values, empowers them to understand and take control of their own health, and coordinates and facilitates specialty care as needed. A community-based PCMH utilizing Family Physicians and their team of providers, based in the patient’s home or work community, considers not just the whole person, but how their family and community impacts and is impacted by their health issues. The PCMH model of health care delivery is driven by what patients and their families value most. Most patients want convenient and timely access, and the knowledge, skills, and support for as much self-management as possible.

At a patient-centered medical home, you the patient are the focus of the team and you will get the most from our services when you become an active partner in staying healthy. Our providers and counselors want to help you learn how to best manage your chronic health problems between visits. Would you like to learn more about how the delivery of health care is changing and improving? Click on the link to the brief Patient Centered Medical Home video clip.